A great Book Mention

Barnaby Shearer of Reading Hackspace was mentioned in the recently published book Making Simple Automata with some images of some 3D Printing he undertook.

You can find out more about the book here

Another Cool Wednesday Open Night

The type of projects you’ll catch being hacked together on a Wednesday evening is nothing short of amazing and here are 3 willing volunteers showing off their projects, there were however a lot more with people making/repairing armour and a small group of students from Reading University repairing Robot Wars robots!

Simon Plane Spotting

Plane spottin arial

Matts illumination bars are awesome!!

Matts temperature illumination bars

Barnaby’s 3D Printing Arm!

3d printing arm

Telemetry Workshop – Saturday 21-06-2014 10:30 – 4pm

Flyer1 small

RLab is organising a workshop on Telemetry to be held Saturday 21st June initial details below:

Please contact us via the Google Groups mailing list indicating if you wish to attend..



  • rlab telemetry projects & opportunites
  • High Altitude Balloon project
  • Demo of HAB RTTY telemetry components and toolchain

* NTX2B, uBLOX MAX-7, SDR# and dongle, VB Cable, dl-fldigi


HAB project opportunities and challenges
Low Power Radio technologies and products
  • Bluetooth
  • Hope RFM12b
  • Nordic nRF24L01
  • Xbee
Practical projects


  • * Nordic nRF24L01
  • scanner
  • beacon
  • point – point
  • sensors
What you will need to bring


  • laptop with Arduino environment, any necessary additional software will be notified ahead of the workshop
  • 3v3 capable Arduino, USB adaptor and PSU (majority of sensors are 3v3, the radios are 3v3 powered but are 5v tolerant)
  • breadboard and jumpers

As usual a contribution of £5 for the rlab plus a contribution for pizza
A charge will be made if you wish to keep any radios/materials



First Casting

There is always an impressive project being worked on at the space, but yesterdays was particularly exciting and will offer up some even more interesting projects especially in the lost material casting arena (in particular I look forward to some lost PLA casting from the extensive 3d printing knowledge we have on site).

Matt Daubney and Andy Noyes had a go at casting last night, the outcome of which was very successful!

RLab First Casting

This months Repair Cafe

repair cafeThis months Repair Cafe will be hosted at Jackson’s Corner hosted by the Reading Bicycle Kitchen on Sunday 15th June we open at 12:00 till 16:00.

Repair Cafe is a community project and an outreach project rLab is actively involved in supporting, to find out more about Repair Cafe and its events please have a look over the links below.





High altitude balloon project

Here is  a quick preview of the board we have been working on for our high altitude balloon project. We will talk about this at an up and coming workshop.
The board has a GPS receiver and a 434MHz telemetry transmitter which are good for 40Km high and 500+km  distance. Running from a single AA battery which should be OK for over 20 hours.
It’s a dev. board right now and  a bit big. It uses the ATXmega which offers some significant advantages over the standard Arduino in performance, programming, peripherals and power management.

Telemetry experiments

David Price is continuing the sensors and telemetry experiments and will shortly be hosting a course at rLab. Using an Arduino Pro Mini 328 3v3 with UBlox Max 7 GPS and Radiometrix NTX2B 10mW 474.065MHz transmitter. The aim is to transmit the GPS and other sensor data via RTTY. Currently testing using a DVB-T dongle as SDR with SDR# and DL-FLDIGI.

All happily working at 3v3 but need to filter and buffer the GPS output to cope with the slow speed RTTY.

DL-fldigi - rlab RTTY test beacon 2

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