First Robot Workshop

This our first Robot Workshop in our new central Reading location, led by iRobot aka Richard.

There will be lots of robots to play with including a UMI RT100 which has been serving drinks under C# in the past, but it would be nice to serve hackspace members under Python, a small Mitsubishi arm, with no electronics….yet. Also there will be 4 or 5 humanoid bipeds to play with.

Or whatever you fancy. Do it on the day, or plan and help create the robot loading arm for the can crushin’ machne, an on-going hackspace project.

RLAB is an adult, member supported community workshop following the worldwide Makespace/Hackspace model that promotes meeting. making and creating for those without the facilities at home, work or college.

Arduino based controller to UMI rt100 Robotic arm using a Playstation2 Controller