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Learn more new skills with rlab

TuxWhether running a website for your business or setting up a Minecraft server for your kids; running your own server has never been easier. Amazon even provide the first year free with no commitment.

Learn how to get started, and the best practise to ensure that you remain secure with all your important data backed up. You will leave with a working server setup, and more importantly the skills to keep it running.

Only basic Internet experience is needed for this workshop; though we will be delving into more technical depth for those interested.

The workshop will focus on opensource software, and will be tailored to the participants requirements, but we envisage setting up everything needed to run WordPress or similar.

Start the new year by learning a new skill

50mm_laser_cut_cube_2Your local community workshop is starting 2014 as we mean to go on. Opening our doors to introduce you to fun new hobbies and crafts. Starting with a hands on introduction to laser cutting. Use this amazing machine to cut and engrave plastic, card, and plywood letting your creativity reign free.

The are no prerequisites for this workshop. Simply come along and you will be introduced to the free design software needed to realise your ideas. Whether you are looking to create beautiful wood engravings, delicate cut card silhouettes, or slot together boxes and 3d designs. Learn the techniques involved and have the satisfaction of holding your own work in your hands.