Board Stupid!

Interested in learning how to design your own printed circuit boards? Come and join us for our Board Stupid evenings and we’ll show you how.

With the price of board manufacturing tumbling, and high-quality software tools available for free, there’s little to stop you having your circuit neatly captured on a PCB. You’ll be able to design smaller boards, use a far wider range of components, and say goodbye to nests of looping wires!

A group of us will be getting together roughly every other Monday at 8pm at rLab to share know-how, tips, tricks and fails, and offer advice and encouragement. There’s a mix of experience within the group, so whatever your level of expertise, there’ll likely be someone there who will be able to help.

We’re going to be focusing on using KiCad, because it is powerful, free and cross-platform – but if you already know and prefer a different package, that’s OK, the basic principles are the same.

If you’d like to come along, you don’t need to be a member (though a donation would be gratefully received) there’s no need to book – just turn up (Unit C1, Weldale St, RG1 7BX). We expect to meet roughly fortnightly starting August 8th 2016 and will confirm each event on our twitter feed in the week beforehand (@RDGhack).