Build-Your-Own Quadcopter Workshop

Today there was a build-your-own-quadcopter workshop at rLab. The quadcopters were designed by one of our members (Jon), the main elements of the airframe cut from acrylic with our laser cutter, and all of the parts ordered and assembled into kits in advance.Total price per quadcopter – ~£100!

The build was a great success, with eight out of nine of the quadcopters in flight by 5:30 – the ninth had a faulty motor.

For the bill of materials and the presentation used for the workshop click the ‘Read More’ button below

Prezi-hosted presentation used at the workshop:



Bill of materials (Some parts were swapped out when ordering due to stock or better offers):
LiPo Safe Bag:
Accucel 6 Charger for quicker charging:
3S 1300mAh Batteries:



The material above is provided on the basis that we take no responsibility whatsoever for any harm that you cause if you try to build and fly your own quadcopter on the basis of this information. It’s your responsibility to ensure that what you are doing is safe, and complies with laws and regulations.