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3d scanning and printing

A month or so ago we had a play with Skanect a Microsoft Kinect scanning software, we worked within the limits of the evaluation software, although we did have some issues and had 2 or 3 attempts it did seem to work well, be very accurate and quite fun. So while tinkering this week and revisiting the limited evaluation stl of me we had a go at printing it and ya know what, it was actually quite cool!! Simon then through the stl in AutoCad 123D Make and split the stl into cardboard layers the results looked fab! I feel some more tinkering in these areas coming up soon!!


RLab – Interactive!

Simon Green has put together some amazing interactive shots of our facilities (although they are still a work in process!). Simon backed the Galileo Kickstarter and was after quite a while delivered one of these amazing devices that took the views you can see embedded below.


Community Room

Here we have our community room, this is where we hang out on Wednesdays and work on projects from software and hardware development. As you can see there is a whole host of electronic scopes, soldering stations, wires, cables, components and desktop PC’s.

Machine room

In our machine room members have access to laser cutters, CNC machine, vinyl cutter and multiple 3D printers.

Downstairs Workshop

Our downstairs workshop with tons of room has equipment for woodwork and metal work with chop saws, a Harrison Lathe, pillar drills, band saws, bench grinders… you name it and it’s probably here – if it’s not post on our mailing list and a member can usually find you it!

Simon Green has written up a great article about how to create Bump Maps for laser engraving on his blog which you can find here.

Model Engineer Show

RLab and the TVRRUG had a super busy and very successful weekend exhibiting at the Model Engineer Show in Sandown Park. We also had the opportunity to show off our 3d print of St Pancras Train Station which was very well recieved. The event was a great success and we certainly hope to take part next year. Thanks to Malcolm and Ian for organising this event and everyone else who took part.

Makers Group Picture at MEX 20131216-163436

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