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Telemetry experiments

David Price is continuing the sensors and telemetry experiments and will shortly be hosting a course at rLab. Using an Arduino Pro Mini 328 3v3 with UBlox Max 7 GPS and Radiometrix NTX2B 10mW 474.065MHz transmitter. The aim is to transmit the GPS and other sensor data via RTTY. Currently testing using a DVB-T dongle as SDR with SDR# and DL-FLDIGI.

All happily working at 3v3 but need to filter and buffer the GPS output to cope with the slow speed RTTY.

DL-fldigi - rlab RTTY test beacon 2

Arduino Intro Course Day

This weekend we ran our first micro electronics course based on the popular Arduino learning platform and we were very well subscribed. We had some great kit to demo on the day and during the session guests managed to work out how to:

  • about the differing Arduino board/options
  • basic communication protocols
  • differences between analog and digital pins
  • how to install the drivers and IDE
  • upload code to the microprocessor
  • layout some circuits and troubleshoot
  • get everything hooked up and working

On top of that the attendees made:

  • a working night light
  • a heating/cooling system

I’m pretty sure everyone had a fab day and we’ve now accumulated some great kit and we hope to have a follow up programming course too soon.



Horniman Museum and Gardens Hackathon

On Saturday 21st September after months of planning and support we finally pulled the day off, about 30 Hackers turned up and I think we achieved some 3 months work in a single day! We’ll have a more official update soon but here’s some pics to get started!

Huge thanks to everyone involved and for making it a great day!


Monitoring Sharks and Tuna in the Chagos Archipelago

Reading Hackspace put a lot of work into helping ZSL London Zoo with their work on Marine Monitoring and since being published seems to have gone viral!


You can read more here