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Casting aluminium wheels

Cast aluminium wheels

Cast aluminium wheels

Last Friday we fired up the crucible and did some aluminium casting at rLab. Mostly  melting some scrap into ingots, but Andy also made this fantastic pair of wheel blanks using lost foam casting. He has since put together this great video that shows the full end-to-end process, including how he prepared the moulds – well worth a watch if you’re considering doing this yourself.


First Casting

There is always an impressive project being worked on at the space, but yesterdays was particularly exciting and will offer up some even more interesting projects especially in the lost material casting arena (in particular I look forward to some lost PLA casting from the extensive 3d printing knowledge we have on site).

Matt Daubney and Andy Noyes had a go at casting last night, the outcome of which was very successful!

RLab First Casting