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This sofa’s made for walking

When you think of a hackspace, you think of many things – perhaps electronics, machining, open-source hardware – but shoe-making is not the first thing that springs to mind. Here at rLab we work to a broad, pretty much unbounded definition of the term, and if you’ve got a project that you want to do in our workshop – it doesn’t have to fit within a definition, that’s cool with us. Want to make a pair of boots from scratch from old sofas and bits of tyre? – errrm – OK!

So after weeks of leather harvesting, tyre stripping, experimentation, sewing and glueing, we are very proud to present this first pair of boots – made from scratch, in our workshop, from recycled material. Well done Tara – awesome work!

A second life for an old sofa

A second life for an old sofa

(PS. OxHack members may recognise the Cordovan Red leather…..)




The heating solution

We’re still working on heating the space and working out the solution, our temperature data logging has gone a long way toward this but Simon has also taken some thermal imaging pictures to help see where we can improve the insulation by looking where the heat loss is. You can fin the images he took here
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 16.05.40

Going Greener And Understanding Thermal Dynamics

The Hackspace is very poorly insulated and we’ve had some heating cooling issues, our landlord is on it but to fully understand how to solve the problem a range of data loggers was placed around the space and outside. This resulted in a new suspended ceiling (which looks way cooler) and some insulation which seems to be working really well.

Now the actual mechanical heating and cooling solution can be put together based on some cool data!