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Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

If we get a dusting of snow this year, there will be at least one person with a massive smile on his face. Stuart, one of our members and founder of NADHack – Newbury and District Hackspace – will be poised and ready to launch his ski-bike on an unsuspecting world.

No, nothing dangerous-looking about that

No, nothing dangerous-looking about that

It started out life as a cheap aluminium-framed Reebok-branded full suspension bike.  All mechanical components were removed (some quite forcefully!) and the brake mountings, shifter mounting etc were ground off. The pedal shaft was replaced with an arrangement of steel angle which was ground into the footpeg shape and welded using the Kempi MIG welder.  The footpegs are exceedingly strong!
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All hail the new laser cutter!

rLab has recently taken delivery of a new laser cutter. The new machine is significantly more powerful than our existing one, and has a much larger bed, allowing us to cut and engrave much larger pieces.

Test output from the new laser cutter

Test output from our new laser cutter


Installation in the upstairs machine room required a big team effort, a forklift, the temporary removal of a wall, and the installation of a duct to pipe fumes out of the building. But it is now in place, and ready for use by trained members.

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HackSpace Laser Cutter and 8mm Clear Acrylic

Last night Scott and I hooked up the Chiller to the Laser cutter and was cutting some beautiful pieces and most importantly consistently!

The basics are that you use 2mm per second cut speed and a power output of 18-20ma.

Remove the plastic covering if you don’t want the edge to ride up.

The bed height is imperative it must be 60mm from the surface of the material and it MUST be flat!

Temperature is also a critical factor too, colder isn’t better it seems to be optimal and consistent at a temperature of 19.5 degrees c.

Every bit we cut once we cracked it – a good 8 or so pieces were perfect, nice lines and the extractions just fell out with no effort.

Here’s a quick run through…

rLab Laser Settings

We also had some success with 3mm acrylic at 5mm per second and 15-20ma, but this could probably do with some more testing.


Cheers Scott!! You rock!!

Custom cases made on our laser cutter

Dean built a custom case to retrofit a Mitsubishi Evo 8 ECU into an earlier model, by modifying plugs/cables etc.