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Tear-down of a 100W Nd:YAG surgical laser

A few weeks ago we posted about the dispatch of one of our lasers into the hands of YouTube-video creator PhotonicInduction. Andy has been pretty busy in the meantime, zapping bugs, setting fire to his sofa, burning holes in his mobile-phone, and has also produced this great video where he tears down the Sharplan 3000 laser and explains how it works. Highly recommended viewing.

Still from PhotonicInduction's video

Still from PhotonicInduction’s video

Uh Oh – look who took the laser

We were a little short of space at rLab and decided to let one of our lasers go to make room for more projects. Some of you might recognise the person that took it off our hands. We’re big fans of PhotonicInduction’s ‘educational’ videos on YouTube, and will be following his channel with interest to see what he does with it. I’m sure he’ll take good care of it!

Wave goodbye to the Sharplan

Wave goodbye to the Sharplan

Haunted Halloween at the Hackspace

Here’s some cool visable laser pics and other fun Halloween bits that took place this year on our open night.

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