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Model Engineer Show 2014

November and December were busy months for fairs this year with TeenTech, Elephant & Castle mini-Maker faire and the Model Engineer Show at Sandown Park. TVRRUG were invited to man a stand in the maker area again and this year we did so jointly with rLab presenting projects and activities from both groups.

We had two printers going constantly, Gary’s giant printed St Pancras station, the Superman and Fiji project materials on display and a rolling video. The stand was manned by David, Malcolm, Mike, Ryan and Richard, we were busy all the time especially Friday and Saturday. Having at least three of us there this time meant each could go and visit some of the other stands – Gary and Barnaby’s stand in the main hall, Stirling engines, jet engines, Aluminium welding, tools and materials.

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Realtime Superman Pictures!

You can view some real time images from superman here being transmitted at you can also follow live tweets on from Matt at @RDGHack




We wanted to let a few peps at dirtyboards (our China Hack Camp people) who made the battery boards, SeeedStudio who did the trackers and the PCB in the body of Superman was done by PCBTrain! Thanks :)


Todays awesome Superman Launch To Space

superman in space

Following on from our hugely successful rLab telmetry course we are pleased to announce that today is the launch of Superman into space. Originally devised by RS DesignSpark (<-great background on the DesignSpark blog about the project) and Mattell, Richard Ibboston of rLab has developed some tracking boards to track both the capsule and Superman himself as they reach for the stars. David Price helped with the boards and software, with Alex Gibson designing and printing parts for the capsule. The capsule itself was designed and built by Jude Pullen.

You can track his progress by watching Kalel, Lois, OLSEN, LEX and CLARK.

Good luck to all involved! 




Preparing for launch

Had to fix superman – he’s transmitting GSP coords now and being fitted in capsule.

The ground video available on

From the launch site:

From the chase car:

Superman is being sent to space with electronic boards designed at rLab and that’s what you’ll be able to see a live feed from using the details below.


If you want to track the progress you can use


the latter has a Superman logo for the Kalel payload which is transmitting on 434.420MHZ



DCC Controller with Bluetooth 4 Low Energy and iPhone App

screen568x568You might remember this post where Gary Fletcher was putting together a DCC Model Train controller, he added a nice box an LCD and to make the control of the model trains and their functions (lights, sound, steam etc) he added a BLE adaptor and developed an iPhone app to control it.

This project would have been incredibly difficult if it wasn’t for the help of various members and it’s amazing the leverage, ideas and knowledge base we have at RLab.

The specialist kit like the electronics bench, power supplied and scopes made this happen and it was super fun and great to have built almost an entire product at the space!