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Another Cool Wednesday Open Night

The type of projects you’ll catch being hacked together on a Wednesday evening is nothing short of amazing and here are 3 willing volunteers showing off their projects, there were however a lot more with people making/repairing armour and a small group of students from Reading University repairing Robot Wars robots!

Simon Plane Spotting

Plane spottin arial

Matts illumination bars are awesome!!

Matts temperature illumination bars

Barnaby’s 3D Printing Arm!

An amazing open night

The Hackspace is just over a year old now and is growing at an amazing pace, with some amazing builds taking place from Raspberry Pi arcade machines to 3d printed models and throw in some train controllers, telemetry kits, some event planning and backward bicycles it was a busy evening. Here’s a minute of madness from Mike’s Raspberry Pi CCTV system he is working on…

Another Rlab Open Night Timelapse

RLab – Interactive!

Simon Green has put together some amazing interactive shots of our facilities (although they are still a work in process!). Simon backed the Galileo Kickstarter and was after quite a while delivered one of these amazing devices that took the views you can see embedded below.


Community Room

Here we have our community room, this is where we hang out on Wednesdays and work on projects from software and hardware development. As you can see there is a whole host of electronic scopes, soldering stations, wires, cables, components and desktop PC’s.

Machine room

In our machine room members have access to laser cutters, CNC machine, vinyl cutter and multiple 3D printers.

Downstairs Workshop

Our downstairs workshop with tons of room has equipment for woodwork and metal work with chop saws, a Harrison Lathe, pillar drills, band saws, bench grinders… you name it and it’s probably here – if it’s not post on our mailing list and a member can usually find you it!

Haunted Halloween at the Hackspace

Here’s some cool visable laser pics and other fun Halloween bits that took place this year on our open night.

First Robot Workshop

This our first Robot Workshop in our new central Reading location, led by iRobot aka Richard.

There will be lots of robots to play with including a UMI RT100 which has been serving drinks under C# in the past, but it would be nice to serve hackspace members under Python, a small Mitsubishi arm, with no electronics….yet. Also there will be 4 or 5 humanoid bipeds to play with.

Or whatever you fancy. Do it on the day, or plan and help create the robot loading arm for the can crushin’ machne, an on-going hackspace project.

RLAB is an adult, member supported community workshop following the worldwide Makespace/Hackspace model that promotes meeting. making and creating for those without the facilities at home, work or college.

Arduino based controller to UMI rt100 Robotic arm using a Playstation2 Controller