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Model Engineer Show 2014

November and December were busy months for fairs this year with TeenTech, Elephant & Castle mini-Maker faire and the Model Engineer Show at Sandown Park. TVRRUG were invited to man a stand in the maker area again and this year we did so jointly with rLab presenting projects and activities from both groups.

We had two printers going constantly, Gary’s giant printed St Pancras station, the Superman and Fiji project materials on display and a rolling video. The stand was manned by David, Malcolm, Mike, Ryan and Richard, we were busy all the time especially Friday and Saturday. Having at least three of us there this time meant each could go and visit some of the other stands – Gary and Barnaby’s stand in the main hall, Stirling engines, jet engines, Aluminium welding, tools and materials.

Official blog –

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A great Book Mention

Barnaby Shearer of Reading Hackspace was mentioned in the recently published book Making Simple Automata with some images of some 3D Printing he undertook.

You can find out more about the book here

This months Repair Cafe

repair cafeThis months Repair Cafe will be hosted at Jackson’s Corner hosted by the Reading Bicycle Kitchen on Sunday 15th June we open at 12:00 till 16:00.

Repair Cafe is a community project and an outreach project rLab is actively involved in supporting, to find out more about Repair Cafe and its events please have a look over the links below.

Community Help

RLab was recently approached by someone who required a headpiece to communicate with their wheelchair and computer touch screens. It seems the headpiece was actually very expensive and hence quite worn.

RLab created new laser cut and printed parts which have been saved so they can be remade at any time, and in a cooler black that the user asked for :)

This is just one of the great community projects RLab help out with, check out our Repair Cafe sessions too!

February Repair Cafe: Sunday 16 February @RLab, Weldale Street

repair cafe

RLab are hosting every alternate Repair Cafe and we are pleased to say the February Repair Cafe will be here. We’d love to have as many of you involved as possible. More details to come soon, but the event will take place on 16th Feb 12 – 5pm, so again, feel free to offer your help for half the time if that suits you better.

Repair Cafe is a community project to bring people together to repair items rather than throw them away! Electronics, computers, bikes, clothes, tools…

Find out more about Repair Cafe here:

LEACS Update

Back in September we hosted our very own Hackathon at the Horniman Museum and Gardens with the task of building a temperature and lighting control system called LEACS (Laboratory Environmental Aquarium Control System) that would replicate Sunlight, Moonlight and temperature from Fiji in the hope the environmental conditions would induce the spawning of corals in captivity to get a greater understanding of the biology and work towards the conservation of these threatened coral environments.

It’s basically a Ocean Simulator for aquariums.

Well since the hackathon we’ve learnt a lot and with all systems they grow, develop and mature that’s led us to LEACS V2 and us adopting the GertDuino board as part of the solution.

We’ll post some details of the hardware shortly but we’ve also been working on a website to that’s in the beta stage at the moment but we hope to share project updates and the current environmental data we are using.

So please have a look at and bookmark it to stay up to date.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 19.59.39

In addition we’ve also developed an iPhone app we hope to expand out to share project updates and check on environmental data when your board! You can download it here.


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