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RLab – Interactive!

Simon Green has put together some amazing interactive shots of our facilities (although they are still a work in process!). Simon backed the Galileo Kickstarter and was after quite a while delivered one of these amazing devices that took the views you can see embedded below.


Community Room

Here we have our community room, this is where we hang out on Wednesdays and work on projects from software and hardware development. As you can see there is a whole host of electronic scopes, soldering stations, wires, cables, components and desktop PC’s.

Machine room

In our machine room members have access to laser cutters, CNC machine, vinyl cutter and multiple 3D printers.

Downstairs Workshop

Our downstairs workshop with tons of room has equipment for woodwork and metal work with chop saws, a Harrison Lathe, pillar drills, band saws, bench grinders… you name it and it’s probably here – if it’s not post on our mailing list and a member can usually find you it!

Robot workshop – What your missing out on today!

Some super fun robot stuff going on at the rLab Robot Workshop today, we’ve had a morning of demos and now parts of the group are working on computer vision, controlling robot arms, micro electronics, Pi camera pan and tilts and other paraphernalia it’s been a busy fun and productive day.

RLab Robots CartWheel


This Terminator head was made by hand using a couple of different methods including lost foam casting with aluminum and was a real treat to see in person!


Horniman Museum and Gardens Hackathon

On Saturday 21st September after months of planning and support we finally pulled the day off, about 30 Hackers turned up and I think we achieved some 3 months work in a single day! We’ll have a more official update soon but here’s some pics to get started!

Huge thanks to everyone involved and for making it a great day!


Reading Raspberry Jam

We had a short talk about Raspberry Pi’s in the ocean predominately built at Reading Hackspace and an intro into streaming media with these cool little devices.

It was also a nice opportunity to spread the word to some other Reading Hackspace members about some of the projects we have been working on which they were not aware of – oh and of course another chance to show off the ROV.. which officially has nothing to do with Raspberry Pi’s but is just cool!

Here’s the presentation and a few pics.

P1000347 P1000354 small


Raspberry Pi IR Cam

As seen on the Pi Site!

Raspberry Pi IR Filter Removal

Night vision with a Raspberry Pi camera

Kinect Structured Light on a Raspberry Pi Camera

Demonstration of IR pickup on Raspberry Pi Camera with filter removed

Highlights of close up of Raspberry Pi IR filter removal

Close up on Raspberry Pi IR filter removal

Monitoring Sharks and Tuna in the Chagos Archipelago

Reading Hackspace put a lot of work into helping ZSL London Zoo with their work on Marine Monitoring and since being published seems to have gone viral!


You can read more here

ZSL Chagos Report

You’ll no doubt find this on the web via the numerous Hackspaces which were involved in this project, but here is our copy – the report shows the amazing technology and collaboration that presented the project with some amazing results as summarised in the document. A huge majority was built at Reading Hackspace and it’s great to see what the space can achieve when pulling together!

ZSL Approved Blog 20 May 13 PDF Document


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