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Inter-Hackspace Robot Wars 2015

We are off to Newcastle-under-Lyme next weekend to compete in the 2015 Inter-Hackspace Robot Wars organised by the Potteries Hackspace. Aside from the home team, we’re also up against teams from Bromyard, Hitchin, and Birmingham.

Reading Hackpace's menacing entry for the Inter-Hackspace Robot Wars 2015

Reading Hackpace’s menacing entry for the Inter-Hackspace Robot Wars 2015

One of the most challenging aspects of the competition is staying within the 10kg weight limit. Once you’ve put motors, batteries and drivetrain onboard, there’s not a lot of scope for much else. Ours is based on a biscuit tin! It might not look strong, or particularly menacing, but perhaps our entry is not quite what it seems [mwahahaha].

We’ll report back in a couple of weeks with a fuller write-up and hopefully some video of our victorious entry.

Robot workshop – What your missing out on today!

Some super fun robot stuff going on at the rLab Robot Workshop today, we’ve had a morning of demos and now parts of the group are working on computer vision, controlling robot arms, micro electronics, Pi camera pan and tilts and other paraphernalia it’s been a busy fun and productive day.

RLab Robots CartWheel


This Terminator head was made by hand using a couple of different methods including lost foam casting with aluminum and was a real treat to see in person!


First Robot Workshop

This our first Robot Workshop in our new central Reading location, led by iRobot aka Richard.

There will be lots of robots to play with including a UMI RT100 which has been serving drinks under C# in the past, but it would be nice to serve hackspace members under Python, a small Mitsubishi arm, with no electronics….yet. Also there will be 4 or 5 humanoid bipeds to play with.

Or whatever you fancy. Do it on the day, or plan and help create the robot loading arm for the can crushin’ machne, an on-going hackspace project.

RLAB is an adult, member supported community workshop following the worldwide Makespace/Hackspace model that promotes meeting. making and creating for those without the facilities at home, work or college.

Arduino based controller to UMI rt100 Robotic arm using a Playstation2 Controller