By joining the Hackspace you can gain access to a wide range of tools to turn your ideas into real-life, tangible things. rLab is split over two floors with different rooms dedicated to different types of work:

1. Electronics

2. Laser cutters, 3D printers etc.

3. Machine tools

3. Other facilities




The largest of the three rooms upstairs contains almost everything that you need to work on your electronics project. We have several soldering stations, including ones for hot air reworking, clamps, soft-jawed vices, pliers, screwdrivers etc.

We have a digital video microscope to help with some of the smaller and fiddlier jobs, and bench power supplies, oscilloscopes (including a 300Mhz LeCroy), and signal generators.



Laser cutters, 3D printers etc.

A smaller room upstairs contains tools for converting digital designs into actual objects.

Our laser cutters can be used to precisely cut or engrave a design out of a range of materials including acrylic sheet and plywood. We keep some stock which we sell to members at cost, and there is a small time-based charge to cover the cost of maintaining the machines. We require members to have training to use the laser cutters, and run courses at regular intervals.


We also have 3d printers and a 3-axis computer controlled Shapeoko mill. Many of our members build their own 3d printers, and the Thames Valley RepRap User Group meets at rLab on a fortnightly basis.



Machine tools

Pillar drill

Downstairs we have a large workshop area equipped with heavier machine tools, including a Harrison M300 Lathe (training req’d), a pillar drill, a table┬ásaw, a band-saw, wood-turning equipment, welding and brazing equipment and an air compressor.

We also have a number of other smaller power tools including:

– A Cobra mill;

– Dremels, drills, biscuit cutters, and drill sharpeners;

– Chop saws, jigsaws, power hacksaws;

– Angle grinders and bench grinders.


Other facilities

We also have:
– Toilets

– Sewing machines – including a heavy-duty one, capable of sewing leather;

– A limited amount of storage for your projects (we can allocate you an 18 litre project box);
– High-speed internet over wi-fi;

– A small kitchen with fridge, kettle and microwave.


A fuller, more detailed list of our resources can be found on our wiki site here.