Impulse Control Failure – Road Trip!




A few of us here are RLab have had an impulse control failure and after seeing the epic post on hackaday about Dangerous Prototypes Hacker Camp we’re off!!

We’re calling it “Continuing Professional Development”.

So in Shenzhen we have a full itinerary of socialising and tasting various cuisine China has to offer as well as following a course based around our own design of a PCB. We’ll get a brief intro into the language, how to barter at the markets and how to find components before we set off on a guided market tour to find the parts for our PCB project.

We’ll also cover off methods of shipping, bank accounts and other commercials.

Next up we’ll spend a few days learning how to solder our projects up at a cell phone repair center.

Top that off with a trip to the Maker Faire and a flying visit to Hong Kong and I think we’ll all be broke and be heavily invested in a shipping container full of lots of electric goodies!

Look forward to the slow boat from China!

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