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Various members have ideas to build a "space game" inspired by the MakerFaire LHS BikeShed.

Quoting Barnaby over of the Google Group:

Ideal project for the Pi workshop .... One networked Pi and LCD per window should give us loads of GPIO to wire up all the old heavy duty switches, sliders, knobs, and keypads.

Looks like is probably the most Pi friendly 3D engine and would easily do everything we need. (The windows aren't really very useful anyway it is the flashing dials you want people looking at).

For me getting (or making) an actual spinning radar screen would be a priority, but finding and being inspired by old controls and dials you have never even imagined will be the most fun.

Possible Applications

A limited-information version of 'Gravity Wars'

Ideally multiple teams of at least two. A navigator with a PPI giving a limited view of the gravity wells and opponents and a pilot. And many interesting types of communication between the two, for instance targeting co-ordinates may be transfered in Morse code; special orders and damage reports may come in on ticker tape. Both players would be responsible for on the fly repairs and workarounds of incoming damage.

Where a big screen and fancy graphics may come in is for an audience only overview of the battle field. So the audience can see many things that the players are humorously oblivious too.

Physical equivalents to Artemus and Space Team

Inspired by [LHS Bikeshed]


Put links to suppliers or projects here

Robot arm is likely to be useful

Possible use ROS for a pubsub style expandable system

|Pics by Ben

|3D engine on Google Code

|initial posts on GG

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