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Various members have ideas to build quadcopters, hexacopter, or other variants. This project is to pool ideas and designs, possably do group purchase of shared components such as motors.


Put links to suppliers or projects here

SandR Ariel Platform

Project to build a platform for Search and Rescue use. Based on 4 Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopters with separate control stations and a central co-ordinator station. Target cost is below £4K, it must be quick and easy to deploy and can be developed from daylight optical cameras with high frame rate, to low light cams with twin low resolution thermal cameras.

Created new project page for dedicated discussion:




Future Electronics MLX90621 $75.62

Phantom Quadcopters €559, extra battery-units €109

DIY Drones

DIY Drones

Home of the ArduPilot software, and store to purchase kits and components.

Open Pilot

An ARM based software and hardware for multicopters. Allows fully automated operation as well as remote control.

openpilot Homepage

source Code

Supplier of OpenPilot board CC3D

149 fc coptercontrol cc3d openpilot

Proflight Pro Flight UK



Other info

linux powered quadrocoptor has three cameras

AR Drone Quadcopter has cool features

Ben Heck Show: Lets go fly a Quadcopter

Bouncy version

TWIT.TV Report from InterDrone 2015

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