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First Reading Raspberry Jam is on Saturday 14th September 1:30 - 4:30pm

Eventbrite event info at [[1]], hackspace contributors don't need to register.

Contributor and activity sign-up page at 130914_RRJ_Signup



There is currently no Raspberry Jam in Reading, the nearest is Oxford. Proposal is to run a Reading Jam to further the spread of programming, STEM and Making while also promoting the RLab and establishing it's outreach credentials.

Current contributors/contacts

  • David Price - organiser, guinea-pig, 3D printing related, poss Squeak freak
  • Matt Daubney - Linux, python, Minecraft, hardware
  • Gareth Jones - hardware
  • Chris Bagley - Linux, Lisp(? TBC)
  • Mark East - organising, Python and Scratch
  • Barnaby Shearer - Linux, Python, Minecraft, hardware
  • Danny Gowing - I2C hardware

Volunteer newbie guinea-pigs

  • Jim Pugh
  • Taimoor Yousaf (accountant)


  • London Zoo shark project - Gary to do a talk if we ask really really nicely?
  • Pi robot - Richard I
  • Pi and 3D printing - Alex G & David P
  • Starting from scratch walkthrough (Mark E)
  • Minecraft Pi Edition with external hardware interaction and 3D printing (Barnaby)
  • Hands on demo's of using a Pi
  • Some quick programming tutorials (python, Squeak, others)?
  • Troubleshooting sessions
  • Demo's of "unique" Raspberry Pi uses


  • Collaborating with University of Reading on premises at Whitenights or London Rd
  • Use and Eventbrite to market and get booked numbers
  • digital projector - offers of access from Jim Pugh and Gareth Jones
  • HDMI/DVI monitors (and adapter cables) needed

RLab links

  • RLab group seen to actively promote making and socialising technology as outreach activity (part of cv for seeking grants etc)
  • Jam session donations - part goes to RLab fund and to Raspberry Pi foundation
  • advertise the Rlab as the space and skills for building projects & doing related things
  • Chargeable Jam related workshops at Rlab, eg soldering and laser cutting.


  • RLab space will have to be tidy and safe if youngsters might use it
  • Due to cost considerations, parents will need to accompany minors (CBT/DBS checks req'd would be £44/volunteer, waiting on confirmation of this from DBS)


2013-03-06: Planning session 130306_R-Pi_Jam_planning

2013-03-13: Barnaby tested out some ideas on a pack of cub scouts 20130313_Cubs_Talk

2013-03-15: David contacted Reading U, they seem interested - more to follow

2013-03-19: Planning session 2 130319_R-Pi_Jam_planning

2013-08-20: Frist Jam scheduled for Saturday 14th September 13:30 - 16:30

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