DON’T FORGET – Visit from Igus this Wednesday

The lovely folk from IGUS are dropping in to rLab this Wednesday evening to show us a variety of Igus linear systems, bearings and products, including;

– dry running linear motion;
– Lead screw driven linear systems;
– drylin E fully motorised linear systems;
– iglidur 3D print Filament;
– iglidur Tribo Tape.

They’ll be with us from 7pm, so don’t be late if you want to see what they have to offer.

Igus gantry

A 500x500mm dry bearing Igus gantry system

Uh Oh – look who took the laser

We were a little short of space at rLab and decided to let one of our lasers go to make room for more projects. Some of you might recognise the person that took it off our hands. We’re big fans of PhotonicInduction’s ‘educational’ videos on YouTube, and will be following his channel with interest to see what he does with it. I’m sure he’ll take good care of it!

Wave goodbye to the Sharplan

Wave goodbye to the Sharplan

Bright ideas: from scrap to lamp

A while back I promised a write-up of the soldering lamp project that I made at rLab. Using less than £10 of materials, some of it scrap, I built a bright table-top lamp to illuminate my soldering. None of this would have been possible without rLab’s fantastic facilities and the advice of other members.

There’s a full write-up with list of materials, diagrams, and some of the lessons that I learnt along the way [here].

Soldering lamp head exploded

Soldering lamp head exploded

When the going gets tough…

Sometimes it’s the low-tech solutions that you want to rely on when you’re heading into challenging conditions.

Jonathan in action

Jonathan in action

Last month, Jonathan Blackburn headed off to Fez for the 1,500 mile off-road trip around the north-African desert on a rally motorbike. Rather than relying on sat-nav or smartphone to find his way around – I guess smartphones aren’t so smart in desert conditions – he used a good old-fashioned scroll of paper with the directions written on it. Before heading off, he dropped into rLab to laser-cut parts for a bracket to fix it to the headstock of his bike. Mike was on hand to chat to him about it (video below).

Read more

Reading Repair Cafe – this weekend

Reading Repair CaferLab is proud to be hosting Reading Repair Cafe this Sunday, May 17th, between 12:00 and 16:30.

So if you have something that’s broken, or some tools that need sharpening, bring them down to Unit C1, Weldale Street, Reading, RG1 7BX, where the volunteers will be only too pleased to help you.

There will be plenty of expertise in computers, electricals, mending clothes; the right tools to get things fixed; and some cakes and food for sale too!


More details on Reading Repair Cafe’s Facebook page here

Come, create, there’s a bench here waiting for you


There’s now plenty of space for you to bring your ideas to life

Thanks to some hard work led by Ian this weekend, we now have a fantastic set of sturdy, collapsible benches for you to use for your project. The benches are easily strong enough for even the most heavy work, and nobody’s going to mind if you have a mishap with your paint / power-tool. Best of all, they stack neatly away in a large wardrobe ensuring that there’s still plenty of clear floorspace downstairs for larger projects.




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