The night we put the sign up

A great night down rLab last night – lots of new faces, another 3 new members, some clearing up, and …. WE FINALLY PUT THE SIGN UP!

It has been a while since Sylvain made the sign for us and in the meantime we have struggled to find the time to get out the ladders, remove the sodium lamp from the front of the building (we still couldn’t find the switch for it) so that we could hang it in its rightful position – in pride of place on the front of our unit.

The sign makes a huge difference to the appearance of the building, it makes us much easier to find, and lifting it into place felt – well – momentous. So, here, captured for posterity, is the moment we put it up.

Thanks Sylvain – it’s awesome – and thanks too to everyone who lent a hand / big stick last night.