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Big badger is a computer with a maFREAKINGhoosive capture card in it (16 ch of composite video, 240FPS)'s called a Geovision 1480, but there's a catch.

It only works under windows so far.

I'm imaging the harddrive onto thebigone right now, and will try to set up a mirrored copy of it somewhere so if the current install ever kicks the bucket we can recover, but this isn't a long term solution I don't think......suggestions?

The New Solution

With the original Big Badger a bit of a dead end with the capture card not wanting to play nice with anything other than Windows, a new solution has started to be developed.

RS very kindly donated a whole bunch of Raspberry Pi's that had been returned. Conveniently the fault on most of them seems to be one of the caps being ripped off the board, which is easily fixed.


In readiness for the Jukebox system going in, Paul has already run 12v to some places in the space, we are using this power to run the Pi's with USB webcams attached. The power needs to be stepped down to 5v.

MikeTheBee: I have set-up a test using a Pi, 4GB Class4 SD card with Raspian Wheezy, PiMotionBeta, Mplayer and NetCat. It has SSH enabled and motion stream can be found on port 8081. It is currently mounted in the RS shipping case and powered using one of Richard's power regulator modules from a 12V PSU.

Things to do:

  • Get map of Paul's 12v power runs.
  • Define number of cams to be installed
  • Get required number of SD cards
  • Reserve range of IP addresses, maybe use DHCP with reservations by Pi MAC addresses, (NOTE: need to collect all MAC addresses from Pi's)
  • Define protocols and services for storing images. One option is to use motion at 2fps and a share on a network fileserver(FS) for storing images. There may be a requirement to store frames on SD card in case of FS becoming unavailable.
  • Finish configuring master pi
  • Copy master SD image PC for reference.
  • Load master image to all SD cards.
  • Mount Pi's in cases, mount and connect cams, calibrate, mount and wire voltage regulators. In some cases one regulator can power multiple PiCams (see cam plan)
  • Mount PiCams on brackets in space, connect to network and power.
  • Configure BigBadger for File-serving.
  • ..... anything else
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