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What Members are listening to?

While discussing Podcasts with members I realised that there are those that others enthuse about some I which have never heard of. So here is a place to list what you recommend, I'll kick off - MikeTheBee

Podcast Name Link Comments Likes
Security Now Link feed notes Security News, analysis and listener questions, well worth listening to for 10mins each week to be alerted to any PC, Mac, Linux or other security issues and how to tackle them. +2
Bad Voltage Link Feed General tech news and discussion, with Jono Bacon, Bryan Lunduke, Jeremy Garcia, and Stuart Langridge +1
BBC - The Life Scientific Link Interviews with significant scientists +1
Making It link feed Making It is a weekly audio podcast hosted by Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto. Three different makers with different backgrounds talking about creativity, design and making things with your bare hands. +1
Modern Woodworking Association Link Audio Podcast with talk on projects, tools and techniques for the Woodworker. +1
The Amp Hour Link Feed Dave Jones from the EEVblog in Sydney (Australia), and Chris Gammell from Contextual Electronics in Cleveland (USA) discuss the world of electronics design in an hour long(ish) weekly show, recorded “live” without editing or a mute button! We are also joined every other week by guests throughout the electronics industry.

The Amp Hour is a non-scripted off-the-cuff format show that usually airs every Wednesday evening US time. It is the worlds largest and most respected electronics oriented radio show. Discussions range from hobbyist electronics to the state of the electronics industry, components, circuit design, and general on and off-topic rants.

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Rlab Channel - What is it?

MikeTheBee: Dec 2015: Here's and update on the year since I posted here last. I started a podcast myself, hoping to get others involved on a regular basis. As it has gone several members have contributed audio to the podcast during the year, and others have contributed to video's I have posted on my YouTube channel. I am now reviewing the year and looking forward to improvements I can make for future shows.

Jan2014: On the GG there was a discussion of the need to help communicate with other hackspaces to spread best practice, relevant news of such things as law, funding, and things for sale at various hackspaces. I believe a weekly podcast style communication could fulfil all these needs. I am suggesting the format this takes and we can adjust it based on feedback from the audience.

Details of video making and Rlab resources are Here



  • team of members to produce and present


  • Mike
  • David P.
  • Ryan W.
  • Simon G.
  • Matt D.
  • shared run-down for scripting. GDocs? Reddit? SharePoint? SomethingElse?
  • a method of collecting news from outside rlab. Twitter? Email? Shared Doc?
  • a plan for episode themes and topics into the future to build on the dynamic news segment.
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