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Index of Downstairs Tools

This is work in progress - there are a lot of tools so it will not be completed in short order.
Help completing the index and feedback would very much be appreciated.

The aims of the exercise are:

1. To record the ownership status of each tool.

 1.1 Owned by rLab through purchase
1.2 Owned by rLab through pledges by members - with a list of names
1.3 Donated to rLab with no expectation of it being reclaimed - with name of donor if required
1.4 On loan to rLab with the expectation that the tool will be returned- with name of owner

2. To decide whether tools should be retained.

 2.1 Some tools are duplicated, do we need more than one ( sometimes the answer is "Yes" )
2.3 Some tools have seen very little use - this may be because no-one knows they are there or because no-one needs it
2.4 Some tools are broken or incomplete. A decision is needed to repair or dispose of

3. To provide basic information about the tool

 3.1 Its location, where to find it and where to put it back:)
3.2 Safety recommendations "Use eye protection" etc.
3.3 Basic notes on how to use the tool, what it can do and where to find more information and manuals
3.4 Where accessories are to be found - additional fences for example
3.5 Where consumables are to be found - blades, abrasive paper etc
3.6 The cost of consumables
3.7 Suppliers of spares and consumables

=== Index of Downstairs Tools ===

Large Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Woodworking Tools

Metalworking Tools

Hand Power Tools

Welding and Heat

Measuring Tools

Gavins test Boxford page

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