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Every Wednesday from 7pm is an open evening. If you want to join, just come along or drop us a line on the Google Group

C1 Weldale St, Reading, RG1 7BX

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  • 5 min walk from Reading Station
  • Lift Sharing - Need a lift? Some of us come from afar, see if we are near you.
  • Google Navigator will put you around the corner from the space. R-Lab is on a small trading estate, with an entrance just past that for Iceland, to the right of the car garage, in the corner. Use this link or search google maps for "rlab reading england", this will return the precise location.
  • rlab cams are available here

Projects/Marketing Flyers and posters about rLab


One way system

Weldale street is accessible for road vehicles only via a one-way system. It's possible to leave the IDR (Inner distribution road: Dual carriageway, A329) and enter Weldale street, only from the slip-road. It's also impossible to turn right out of Weldale street. Weldale street is blocked off to cars at the west end.

Note for cyclists / motorcyclists / unicyclists etc

The blocked end of Weldale street is passable for you. Pick routes accordingly.

Getting to Rlab from the north

Note that you have to go around the roundabout. rlab from north

Getting to Rlab from the south

Note that you have to leave the dual carriageway early, and cross the roundabout. rlab from south

Leaving Rlab to the north

This is easy. rlab to the north

Leaving Rlab to the south

Turning right out of Weldale street is neither permitted nor possible. Use this route instead, unless Iceland car park opposite is open, in which case you can use that as a shortcut. rlab to the south

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