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There's a viglen MPC in an industrial touchscreen running a python script at bootup that's hosted here:

It boots into a full debian 7 install, runs some fancy stuff barnaby sorted for a nice big font and an auto-login

then it runs

It's not very good at the moment, but with some love could be awesome!

The PC's mac address is: 00:14:0B:23:0B:0E

And right now it's IP is

About as secure as an insecure thing, so someone make it secure and excellent and visible to the outside world?

Room for improvement

  • An RFID reader to 'clock out'
  • A list of who's in, with the ability to 'punch someone out' that sends them an email reminder to do it next time
  • The ability to make a new member from a guest

It's slow as hell, so in the fullness of time the MPC could be replaced by a RasPi, but that would need to have RS232 stuff fitted for the touchscreen to work (ps. the touchscreen works), and VGA fitted 'cos the screen is VGA... so might be more trouble than it's worth and we can probably just get away with the viglen for now?

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