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When you place stuff in the space, please mark it as either a "HACK ME" item or a "DO NOT HACK" item. If it is something you'd like to know about being hacked, stick a contact email on the sticker. The stickers are below for reference. There are a stack of these stickers in the metal baskets in the space. Anything unmarked MAY BE HACKED! (You've been warned)



We have introduced a process to try and make FindingStuff easier

New Process

After some deliberation at the space between paul, ben and ryan we've come up with a process and it goes like this.

The idea is that things in the space are all labelled.

The process goes something like this

  1. Stuff gets dumped from wherever.
  2. Stuff then gets identified and evaluated
  3. Stuff then gets a two pre-printed labels applied, either 'Hack' or 'Do Not Hack' and a QR code.
  4. The QR code is then scanned and a database entry for the sticker is populated. This is the tricky bit.
  5. Stuff is then split into one of two streams
  6. 'Should I stay or should I go now"
  7. Stuff that should stay gets put in storage in the appropriate bin.
  8. Stuff that should go gets gone to either ebay or the 'pre-bin' bin.

QR Codes

The bit that describes how the QR codes work will be documented here. The URL that goes on the QR codes will be:


Each page will have something like http://readinghackspace.org.uk/qr/00001

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