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Any hackspace member is welcome to edit the wiki to update information or use it for their notes. A full history of changes is kept so don't worry about making mistakes

Get a login

Currently speak to Ryan or Barnaby for a login. We are looking at ways to simplify this.

Start Editing

Click edit on any page or section and start making changes.

Try things out at Special:MyPage

Create a new page.

There are several ways to start a new page

  • [[link to it]] from another page and start editing
  • search for it
  • type it into the URL



To categorise pages add [[Category:My Group of Pages]] to a page.

  • Categories can be added to categories as well but they work best treated like tags more than a strict tree


  • Save early and often. Don't worry about incomplete pages or changes. A skeleton of info can always be filled out later.
  • Don't worry about organisation too much. Pages can be moved around, split/combined, categorised easily later.
  • Don't try to own pages. The wiki is a community effort, expect people to make changes, tidy up formatting, etc. Big exceptions to this are User: and Project: pages which have clear ownership
  • Likewise, respect other people. They may have different formatting preferences or even disagree about facts but try not to make unnecesary changes or start an editing war. If in doubt we can all talk to each other. :)

See more tips and examples at help:examples

Further Info

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