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This is the list of actions from various meetings when they are done delete them from here.

  • Ryan - send email to everyone who has an active card but not currently paying
  • Tom - Find which extinguishers need replacing and find them on ebay, David is progressing.
  • Alex - Speak to someone in Nottingham & Oxford hackspace about how they pay for people to run workshops
  • Richard - post to mailing list that laser metal engraver is ready for general use, and training can now be given & add the video that he made.
  • Ryan - will post on the list to get a group to clear the upstairs store room
  • Alex - post to the list - we want to make some money available to progress the shapeoko, who wants to take control of it?
  • Simon - Check this is on the wiki - under 18s - allowed in the space only with a supervising member and only under constant direct supervision. members responsibility to announce the under 18 to anyone else who comes in to contact with them and that they are supervising. they can't be members
  • Ryan to sort out PPE for downstairs
  • Ryan & Ian to sort out operators manual for each machine, & pre use check-list
  • Ryan & Tom fix the unfinished wall behind big laser cutter, conduct a fixed wiring inspection
  • Ryan & Ian to establish regular meetings of the room owners. Will also establish a process for spending money in rooms.
  • Tom to distribute the discussion thread on Insurance, joining the Hackspace foundation is part of this.
  • Alex will organise someone to print a 3D object each Wednesday
  • Tom is going to sort the puddle, tarmac, may need a working group to do 1 day max.
  • Tom to tile the toilet
  • Ryan & Gary will have a discussion on the Microsoft offers and come back to the mailing list.
  • Ryan to do a doodle poll for the next the qgm (not a Tuesday)
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