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What is a hackspace

A hackspace is a place where people interested in how stuff works, making and creating can meet up and share ideas, equipment, projects and knowledge.

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When and Where

Full members of the space have 24/7 Access to it. This is done with a swipe card system.

We do however have a social evening every Wednesday evening, starting around 8pm. If you are interested in seeing the place and meeting us all, that is the best time to do it. Just turn up and say hi to someone. Most members are quite happy to show you the space and introduce you to people, or pass you on to someone who can.

If you can't make Wednesdays, but still want to come down, the best bet is to post on the Mailing List. That way you can make sure there is someone about to show you about.

As for where, the directions to the space are [here].

How to join.

If you're interested in joining, the best thing to do is come down on a Wednesday night, or if that's not possible, get in touch with us on the Mailing List

Membership of the space is by donation, with a suggested minimum of £25/Month. We prefer being paid via bank transfer, though we will accept other payment methods and amounts, if this is an issue. If you want to join, but can't afford the full membership, we are more than happy to discuss the situation. We aim to be as inclusive as we can. Please, discuss this with whoever shows you around on your first visit.

Who to speak to

The main guy to keeps us all organised is Ryan. Most of the members at the space should be able to point you at the right people for your questions.

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