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When a potential member expresses an interest in joining, we should show them this page.


What's the big idea?

So, think of the hackspace as a community centre, but instead of things like meeting rooms and gym tools and badminton courts, we have lathes and 3D printers and workbenches.

It's important for members to respect the shared nature of the space, and keep benches tidy, clean up after themselves, and it's nice when people do some work on the space for the space (i.e. take the bins out, sweep the floor, we don't have cleaners to do this for us!)

We're standing on the shoulders of the members that came before us, and we're only as strong as our current membership. We all need to contribute to running the space as much as possible. Everyone has the right to do work to improve the space. Consider whether any 'improvements' might impact on other members, and generally post on the mailing list before making drastic changes, but feel free to make proposals, suggestions and present ideas, and just get on and sort things out!

Another big thing about the hackspace is the skill sharing, social nature of it. We're all in this together, and we need to work together to make the space more excellent over time.

What are a members responsibilities in the space

  • Know and follow the rules, but since we haven't updated them for ages, keep in mind these key ones:
    • Members must not use any tool they cannot verify is safe to use themselves
    • Members must not use any tool they do not know how to use safely
    • Members must prevent other members from using tools in an unsafe fashion
    • Members must read and comply with the Safety/Safeguarding policy
  • Get on the google groups and post appropriately (introduction, issues with space facilities, etc)?
  • Get signed up for the wiki and edit their user page (with assistance)?
  • Pay for their membership properly

What are a members rights in the space

  • 24 hour access, and use of any tool that they are personally able to use safely
  • In addition to what's laid out in the rules, a member has the right to stop anyone else in the space from performing an action that in their opinion is not safe.

What happens when you sign up?

You get an access card, we enable it, you pay the bill as agreed, and we keep your card active. We also make you a google groups member and a wiki member, in order that you can communicate properly with the other members.

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