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Domino S100 10 Watt CO2 Marking Lasers

Reading Hackspace has a pair of Domino S100 Marking lasers under refurbishment. These laser comprise a 10W RF excited CO2 laser with 2 dimensional galvanometer scanner.


Additional hazards specific to these lasers.

  • Laser Beam. The laser emits a powerful (10Watt Class IV laser) yet invisible beam in the far infrared (FIR)(10600nm).
  • RF Power. RF power supplies have, the possibility of causing RF burns as well as shock and electrocution.

The beam also contains a red diode laser beam ( 5mW Class 3A laser)

Documentation Domino Specific


Current Status

Pics and video

Domino S100 Marking head
Domino S100 Marking head

The S100 marking head comprises a 10W RF excited CO2 laser in the stainless steel tube to the left and a galvanometer scanning head. The head is forced air cooled through the pipe connections on the scanner box. All power and control is via the umbilical cable.

10W CO2 RF excited laser
10W CO2 RF excited laser

The laser assembly includes the RF drive circuits and the power supply to derive 12V from the 72V supply voltage. The 72V supply voltage drives the final RF amplifier FET directly.

The derived 12 V supply appears to also power the interface board in the scanning head, but not the scanner galvanometers and servo drivers. A screened wire comes down the umbilical direct to the RF generator board and is likely the laser enable signal. All other connections to the RF generator board come from the interface board.

The laser head also contains a small red diode laser and 45 degree mirror to add a red visible marker beam.

Laser 72V power supply
Laser 72V power supply
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