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All hackspace members are responsible for promoting the space to ensure its continued success. An effective way of doing this is to demonstrate at Makerfairs and similar events.



Rlab Members off to China in April

MakerFaire China

Trip Schedule

Members can help the crew with their funding, and help themselves too, by thinking about ways that the crew can take advantage of being "on the ground" with translators and fellow geeks. Ideas that I (Mikethebee) had include:

  • purchasing items for projects to bring back with them (size, weight and allowances permitting)
  • sussing out reliable and competent workshops, suppliers & intermediaries who will be easy to deal with from the UK in the future. (Ken Boak & Suki Pang use agents successfully)
  • arranging sources for bulk purchase of commonly used project items of best quality. Things such as voltage regulator modules, bluetooth modules, etc.
  • sourcing Arduino compatible dev boards, Android tablets, OLED Displays, etc.

Please add your thoughts and ideas here or on the discussion tab (above)

2013 Bracknell Gadget and Tech fair

From early in the year some members of Reading Hackspace and then Rlab manned a stall at the GTF event when it visited Bracknell on a monthly cycle. Unfortunately the fair does not come to Bracknell since 2014 due to issues with the venue. The inspiration was from Alan Cocks who ran a regular Ubuntu clinic at the fair and was a builder in Round 1 of the TVRRUG 3D printer build.

The event drew a lot of interest and spread the word of MakerSpaces amongst a population of former engineers that worked in Bracknell in the years when manufacturing was big in the town. Ferranti, ICL, Mercury, Post Office Telephones, Met. Office, BMW and other names employed thousands from the 60's through to the 90's.

A number of these visitors have gone on to become members of Rlab, reinforcing the value of the stand at such events.

Newbury Radio Rally

(This entry would benefit from expansion by someone with knowledge of the event) Members with an interest in Amateur Radio have attended the last two Rallies at Newbury Showgrounds.

Mechanical and Model Engineering Society

Members attended the Sandown Fair of the model engineering society, the stand displayed 3D Printing by the TVRRUG group and Rlab members projects including those of Barnaby and Gary. This was a 3 day event with thousands of visitors.

2013 Elephant and Castle

rLab had a table in the TVRRUG print area. We demonstrated a range of current projects Jacobs Lader, OpenROV, Wireless Serial Camera, Coral Spawning and had posters for our remaining projects.

The was a good attendance and an amazing level of interest, a successful event all around. The cameras taking pictures of the crowd proved engaging and other interactive displays are recommended for future events. We also needed more handouts.

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