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Sharplan 3000 100W Nd:YAG Surgical Laser

Reading Hackspace has a Sharplan 3000 Nd:Yag laser under refurbushment.


Additional hazards specific to these lasers.

  • Laser Beam. The laser emits a very powerful (150Watt Class IV laser) yet invisible beam in the near infrared (NIR)(1064nm). The characteristics of this NIR beam are very different from a CO2 laser. Even though the beam is invisible, the eye will still focus the light onto the retina, causing massive damage. Many plastics(polycarbonate, acrylic) that stop far infrared (CO2 laser) will not stop NIR light. Materials may be reflective to NIR light while not reflective to visible or far infrared light. This laser can inflict serious burns which are extremely painful and slow to heal.
  • High voltages. The voltages present (10kV +) in the laser are lethal. A large volume of water under high pressure is also contained within the laser. The beam also contains a HeNe red laser beam ( 5mW Class 3A laser)

Documentation Sharplan 3000 Specific

Sharplan 3000 Manual


Although his laser is powerful, it may not be very useful in its present state. The beam quality is supposed to be rather low on these lasers, so a small focussed spot cannot be acheived. The output is a 1064nm in the infra red, it will not cut as well as the C02 laser cutter on materials such as acrylic and wood. It might cut thin metal if we can focus it enough.

Current Status

Pics and video

Laser in space
Sharplan 3000 laser in Hackspace
Gas inlet
There is inlet for CO2 for passing to the cutting head for cleaning off blood and guts. The laser also appears to need filling with 2000 psi of something !
ID Plate
Made in 1991. ID Plate shows 36A 240V, though powerplug is 32A
50A circuit breaker an socket for footswitch. We have footswitch
Power Inlet
Cable to 32A power plug and external interlock connector
Service History
Looks like last service in 2007
 PAT test
Last electrical test 2009
5mW Helium Neon Laser for pointing
Nd:YAG head
Microcontroller in Lid !
Laser Output inside Laser
The Hot output !
Top lid open to expose lasers and electronics !
Radiator for coolant
Radiator is cooled by large fan !
Coolant pump
Warning plate
150W CW !
Laser Aperture
The laser aperture where the beam comes out. We don't have the fibre, it probably got left in a patient
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