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Marketing Resources


Commercial Projects and Activies at rLab

Physical Resources

The main room at the Reading Hackspace is of a reasonable size, and already has a good amount of tools and equipment available to use. Please be aware that most of the kit is owned by members of the space and has been lent so that others may make use of them. Take care of the kit as if it were your own!

This page links to documentation on how to use each of the power tools in the Space safely. Please take a moment to read the relevant page before attempting to use each tool. Along with the general rules of the space.

Small machine Room

The small machine room should contain tools that need to be kept in a dust free environment (more or less) or enclosed, or are computer controlled or just don't fit in the main room.

The small machine room is maintained by the Small Machine Room Team


Downstairs contains heavy mechanical tools, both for metal and woodworking. It should be used where a tool is going to generate a significant amount of dust or general unpleasantness (i.e. smelly epoxy). Downstairs is maintained by the Downstairs Room Team.

Main Room

The main room is where a lot of the electronics, small model building and "clean"er activities happen in the space. The main room and it's facilities are maintained by the Main Room Team.

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Soldering station
  • Projects/Reflow oven
  • Farnell Power Supply LT30-2 2 times 30V 2A Variable. Manual inc. schematic: File:L series psu.pdf
  • LeCroy 9314 - 4 channel 300 MHz oscilloscope
  • ╬╝Current Gold - a precision current adaptor for scopes/meters
  • Tektronix 2235 Oscilloscope 2 Channel 100Mhz dual timebase
  • Tektronix 5103 2MHz Analog Storage Oscilloscope Mainframe with 5A20N Differential Amp, 5A21N Differential Amp, 5B10N Timebase/Amplifier
  • Rapid PS3025 Power Supply 30 & 2.5A Variable + 5V @ 500mA fixed, 12V @ 500mA fixed
  • Tektronix 318 Logic Analyser16 Channel. Manual inc schematics:
  • Clarke Hess Volt/Amp/Watt Digital Power Meter Type 255 DC to 300kHz, 10mV to 1000V, 1 uA to 5A. Manual inc. schematic: File:ClarkeHess 255.pdf
  • Marconi TF2700 Universal Bridge 0.5pF to 1100uF, .2uH to 110H, 10mOhm to 11MOhm


The space has a range of chemicals including adhesives and resins, cleaners and solvents, paints, lubricants,and PCB etching chemicals. These are stored in the chemical cupboard.



How to Donate Equipment

If you have something that is on our wishlist, make it known! Bring it down on a Wednesday evening and we can have a gawk at it.


The library holds books for reading in the space and for booking out by members.

Chill Out Room

The Chill Out room contains the three most important electrical facilities in the space:

  • The Kettle
  • The Fridge
  • The Microwave

Please make sure you clean up behind yourself. The Chill Out Room is looked after by the Chill Out Room Team.

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