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rLab Event Activity Risk Assessments

Event activities at rLab premises, or external activities for which rLab has some responsibility, need to have a risk assessment completed and acted upon to ensure safety and protection of our members, the public, and our premises.
Members should use their best judgement if a Risk Assessment is required, asking for help on the Google group if needed. In General events attended by the the public, especially if children, older people, or people with disabilities are present, should have a Risk Assessment.

Event Risk Assessment for MERL Lates (May 2017) Event

File:Risk Assessment MERL Lates-1.pdf

Event Risk Assessment for TTN Gathering Event


Event Risk Assessment for Santa Bus LED Event (EVENT FINISHED 2016)


Event Risk Assessment for Braziers Park

File:Braziers Park.pdf

Event Risk Assessment for Reading Repair Cafe


Event Risk Assessment for Robotwars


Event Risk Assessment for Tomorrows Reading (EVENT FINISHED 2016)


Event Risk Assessment for rLab Birthday Party


Hindsight Review of rLab Birthday Party Risk assessment and safety We did have an incident at the Birthday party which should be addressed when planning future similar events. A guest sustained minor injury requiring first aid caused by poorly installed safety barriers on equipment. Proposals for improvement next time are:

  • For larger events ensure we have first aiders on site. We were lucky this time to have trained people available. Should have planned for it though.
  • We need to do risk assessment from a more public perspective for these type of events, without our usual confidence in the self awareness of our members to rLab risks
  • We need to take more care on stability of constructions on larger events.

I was also told of a person/persons smoking in the building during event. I did not see this, but think we need to address this possibility in risk assessments. I think we may need better " No Smoking" signage and consider this possibility in the fire risk assessments and control measures.

Further risk factors were due to the event attracting more public interest and interaction than expected. Good in most respects, but needs consideration in future risk assessments. We had un-related drone flights nearby, and other non rLab lasers and spotlights in our area. Visit from Community Police Officer went well, but factors to consider for next time.

I feel confident we can address the above in our future planning Great Party, next one better and safer.


Word format Risk Assessment as template:

File:Risk Assessment Template

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