Selective Laser Sintering MkI

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Develop a proof of concept SLS machine capable of high-quality plastic prints. It is proposed that the Mk1 amchine is a small scal machine based around a CO2 marking laser head. the build volume will only be around 50mm * 50mm * 50mm cube due to limits of the marking head and to speed and simplify the project.


Project Events

Internal resources

  • Project Risk Assessment

External resources

  • Forums

Reprap Forum on Powder and SLS

3D Metal Printing (more for Mk2 !)

  • Commercial Machine Suppliers

EOS Formiga

3D Systems spro-60 HD

  • Papers


  • PA2200

Thanks to MikeTheBee we now have access to a source of used PA2200 Nylon SLS Powder.

link PA2200 Powder Specification


Working with PA2200 is messy and dangerous. The powder forms an explosive mixture with air and is prone to ignition by static and lasers. Powder must be contained and not allowed to spread around rlab. Actual sintering and hot work must be done in an inert oxygen free environment.

  • Acrylic

We have some acrylic powder used as the filler for nail polymers to try

  • LDPE

We have some LDPE used to powder coat fishing weights to try


Powder Spreading

View the OpenSCAD based source files

git clone --recursive

6mm MDF Plate

Environment Control

  • Laser safety
  • Temperature Control
  • Atmosphere



Material Handling and Workflow

  • Glove Box

Inert gas filled glove box for same containment and handling of plastic powders

  • PA2200 transport, storage, and disposal
  • Cleaning Parts
  • Powder Charge preparation

People Involved

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