Using the Downstairs Space

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Using the Downstairs Space

Everything in the downstairs workshop space should be in one of these categories.


Safety equipment for the space - like fire extinguishers and the First Aid kit. Personal Safety Equipment (PSE) - gloves, eye protection, ear defenders. Anyone using the space should also wear appropriate clothing and particularly foot wear.


Machines, power tools and hand tools. Tools should be used reasonably regularly - at least a couple of times a year say?. Tools that don't get used should be reviewed. It may be that an under utilised tool needs some other resource before it becomes a useful asset. For instance: I have donated a woodworking vice. This will not prove useful until we have created a suitable woodworking bench to mount it to. ( It's on my list!) It may be that the fact that we have sets of tools for particular tasks needs to be publicised. Tara is promoting leather work and we have collection of leather working tools coming together.


Drills, blades, abrasives. adhesives, fastenings. Once the new modules are built consumables will have clear place to be stored and it will be relatively easy to see when stocks are low. If there are generic consumables which you feel would be worthwhile to stock then that can be arranged. There is a pot for contributions towards consumables you use in the downstairs workshop.


Timber, metal, plastics, resin, glass cloth etc. At the moment materials are largely donated or reclaimed from used objects. If there are specific materials that it would be worth carrying a stock of - plywood or softwood for instance - then we can arrange that. Currently materials are donated rather faster than they are used and the stock has to be weeded regularly. If you have you eye on a particular item then label it to be kept otherwise there is no guarantee that it won't be culled. There is a pot for contributions towards materials in the downstairs workshop.


Projects should be "in progress". They should have a project sheet attached showing when they are being worked on and when they are expected to be completed. If a project stalls, for whatever reason, they should generally be taken away and stored off site though this can be a bit flexible depending on how busy the space is and how large the stalled project. The way I see the space being used, a project will generally take up a work table, or possibly half a table shared with another project. At the end of each session working on the project the table can be tucked into a corner to leave room for other members to work on their projects.


There will always be some things that earn their space by just being cool or awesome. They are the objects that everyone points out on Wednesday evenings when giving prospective members "the tour". The x-ray machine. The fuck off lasers. The RC plane. Now that the lasers are finding a new home in the new downstairs clean room they can still be cool - but someone can use the space they have been taking up for a while.

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